Friday, February 25, 2011


After the couple of spring-like days last week, I am definitely ready for the warm weather and all that comes with it...going to the park, long bike-rides, barbeques, and of course, ICE CREAM!

One of my favorite parts of going for a soft ice cream is getting the rainbow sprinkles to go with it. Yes, I am one of those people who purchases an extra cup of sprinkles to dip my cone into once I've licked all the original ones away. Needless to say, I LOVE sprinkles!

That's why I earmarked this article in the December issue of my daughter's High Five magazine by Highlights to share with all of you. What a great way for toddlers to practice sorting colors and to develop their independence, while creating a fun gift for someone special.  With any luck, it will only be a few more weeks til we hear the ice cream trucks singing through our neighborhoods and we can enjoy these delicious sprinkles!  YUM!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have A Kickin' Good Birthday!

Soccer Guys or Soccer Girls is my new favorite gift for 2-3 year olds.  It's basically Foosball without the sticks.  Two year olds enjoy laying out the pretend field, setting up the goals, and passing the ball between two players while occasionally making a goal.  SCORE!  While three to five year olds can setup ALL the players and begin to learn the rules of the game through interactive pretend play.

Pair it with a mini soccer ball and/or a soccer themed picture book and it makes the PERFECT gift!  Some of my favorite books include K is for Kick by Brad Herzog (includes fun soccer trivia/history for the adult reader) and For the Love of Soccer by Pele.

To top it off, our friends at Soccer Post are offering all Gift Cow Readers a special discount.  Use the coupon code giftcow to get 15% off at checkout!

Happy Kicking!