Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Teachers, Thank You!!!

I will NEVER forget Mrs. Schwam, my 4th and 5th grade teacher.  She surrounded us with fun, let us "be kids," and knew exactly how to make EVERYONE feel important in her classroom.  She hosted mummy contests for Halloween; she encouraged us to bring our boots and snowsuits into school for snowman building contests; every student got a chance to be "The Citizen of the Week" and assist her for an ENTIRE week, while sitting at an extra special desk; the top performing teams (we sat in groups of 4) got to go out to lunch with Mrs. Schwam AND we got to drive in her super cool gray sports car no less (now I am showing my age!); to top the year off, Mrs. Schwam threw us an end-of-the-year pool party at her house!  In between all of this fun, we learned a ton; I still have some of my investigation reports from 23 years ago.  Who wouldn't be inspired to be an active learner in such a fun-loving, supportive environment?

So in honor of all of the Mrs. Schwams out there and National Teacher Appreciation Week, here are some of my top picks for the extra-special teachers in your lives...

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For your Favorite English Teacher (Thank you, Mrs. Ball & Mrs. Geddis!), how about these Postcards from Penguin! An awesome collection of postcards highlighting a variety of the much-celebrated Penguin Book covers.

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For your Favorite Math Teacher (Thank you, Mr. Gelfand & Mr. Kapner!), how about this pi pizza cutter!  Isn't this product genius? It's sure to make EVERY math teacher smile :-)

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For your Favorite Science Teacher (Thank you, Mrs. Squillace & Mrs. Pastir!), how about one of these wonderful books with a special inscription from you. These are definitely some of my favorites in my own home library!

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For your Favorite History Teacher (Thank you, Dr. Butt!), how about these history trivia cards.  Perfect for any history buff!

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For your Favorite Music Teacher (Thank you, Mr. Mathews & Mrs. Reynolds!), how about this DIY music box!  It just looks fun.  Not sure I would create anything too wonderful, but I know the Mr. Mathews and Ms. Reynolds of the world certainly would!

Thank you to all the teachers out there!  
You make each day better!